Overseas Publishing and Literature

Bibles and Books

In God’s goodness, OPAL has become a significant contributor to meeting the Christian literature needs of the Majority World. It’s so encouraging what God has been doing through the work in resourcing churches and indigenous Christians with Bibles and relevant books

Evangelism, discipling, training of Christian workers and leaders, and church planting, with the Bibles and books

Serving the Majority World

OPAL’s focus is serving those who are engaged in the Majority World in evangelism, discipling, training Christian workers and leaders, and church planting, with the Bibles and books they need to undertake their work. OPAL distributes literature at affordable and subsidised prices to those living and serving in materially poorer countries where the need is greatest. Please consult our catalogue pages for full details of the hundreds of Bibles and Christian books we have available at affordable prices.

Books outside of the Majority World

Although our primary ministry is to those living or serving in the Majority World, a number of our books are available to purchase for those from other parts of the world. We also have a number of special offers. 


Our priority is the word of God and we always carry a range of Bibles in various translations and editions.

Christian Books

We also supply a wide range of books on such vital issues as Christian living, discipleship, evangelism, theology and doctrine together with books that encourage the study of the word of God. 

We are committed to extend God’s Kingdom to His glory by sending resources from parts of the world where these are plentiful to places where there are few.

Leader’s Packs and more

As well as individual Bibles and books we also make available a variety of Leader’s Packs containing a study Bible and other strategic books, each carefully selected to provide a valuable resource for those involved in leadership in the local church and wider Christian ministry.


OPAL’s literature is selected to help people come to faith and encourage believers to progress to maturity and fruitfulness. Currently, we mainly work with countries where English is the national language or widely understood. However, OPAL has a number of Bibles and books in other languages.

If you would like to receive further information about special offers and new stock lines please contact us.

“OPAL will equip you with affordable Bibles and quality evangelical literature for your ministry and mission in the Majority World. We will work with you to find just the right resources, and through our trusted distribution partners to make sure they reliably reach their destination.” 

Opal trust books for sale online

Terms and Conditions

OPAL works in partnership with Christian publishers and Bible Societies to make books available at low cost to those living in the Majority World, or engaging in Christian ministry there. It is a condition of our agreements with them that a number of these Bibles and books are not sold to customers outside the Majority World (primarily Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East). However, we do have a wide range of stock available to all other customers. 

Although we aim to carry good quantities of our key stock lines, many titles come to us as ‘one off’ opportunities in limited quantities so stock availability cannot be guaranteed.

Wherever possible we ship at lowest cost. Because costs are changing all the time, when you make an order we will contact you about the best shipping method and to discuss shipping prices. If required, quicker delivery may be arranged, but will incur additional charges. All local duties, taxes, levies and collection charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Whilst most of our products are brand new, some may carry minor blemishes, scuffs, etc. However, all will be useable and readable!

There is no minimum order. For UK customers the maximum order value is £150. For customers in all other parts of the world (apart from those registered and approved by OPAL as Majority-World customers) the maximum order value is £100.

To keep our prices as low as possible, OPAL maintains a non-return policy.

How to order

To make an order of books, please contact us and send a list of the books you wish to purchase. We will then contact you about availability and postal costs, and send you an invoice for the amount due. Once we have received payment, items will be shipped to you. 

If you live in the Majority World (primarily Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East), or are serving in ministry there, and wish to benefit from the substantially discounted prices available to Majority-World customers, there is a short application process for those ordering for the first time. Click here to find out more about Majority-World pricing.

Settlement of accounts should be in GB Pounds sterling for items ordered from the UK warehouse, or in US Dollars for items ordered from our USA warehouse. Payments can be made either by electronic transfer to our bank account, by PayPal (through the website), or cheque in favour of OPAL Trust (UK) Ltd or OPAL Ministries (USA). The OPAL Paypal link on the website accepts most major Credit/Debit cards.

“OPAL is here to serve you as you make a difference in the lives of those you are ministering to”.