Overseas Publishing and Literature

Book Donation from John Clunas


Many will remember the extensive ministry in the UK and USA of the evangelist John Clunas. He was committed to sharing the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ from the day he came to faith in a dance hall in Aberdeen, Scotland.

John also had a passion to distribute literature that celebrated the teachings of the Christian faith, and built up a large personal library. John's widow Margaret recently arranged for this collection of Bibles and books that he used in his ministry to be donated to OPAL. The literature was stored in their home in Pennsylvania where John and Margaret lived in later years.

Neville and Harley, two of OPAL USA's directors, hired a truck to collect the 150 large boxes that were donated, and brought them to the OPAL USA warehouse in Greenville, SC.

John would have been delighted to know that his Bibles and books will be sent by OPAL to help Christian leaders and churches in Africa, Asia and South America.

Thank you Margaret for supporting OPAL's work in this way, and so continuing John's work of spreading the Christian message.